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Haggis Address

Haggis Address: Did you know 2009 was the 250th anniversary of the birth of our Nations Bard, Robert Burns?  One of his most famous works was The Address to a Haggis.  This is a poem written about Scotland’s national dish: The Haggis.  Described as the ‘Great Chieftain of the Puddin Race’.

What is the Haggis?

For the uninitiated, Haggis is a massive sausage.  It varies in size from a small football, to giant Chieftain Haggis which can be as long as your arm.

Haggis Address

Roddy performs a lively theatrical recitation of The Address to the Haggis as during dinner entertainment, usually before the haggis course is served.  The poem lasts about 7 minutes and is a great spectacle for any genuine Scottish banquet.  

Usually the haggis procession is led by the piper, followed by the chef with a whisky bearer as well.  Often a VIP guest can join this show and present drams to the piper and chef and join them in the Toast to the Haggis.

If you are still unsure then please view our video.

Haggis address