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Wedding bagpiper service by Pipe Major Roderick Deans Edinburgh.

Roddy the piper has a vast experience of weddings, playing around 150 each year. He always aims to bring a musical sparkle to your most special day with his award winning bagpipe playing and add some colour to your photos with his highland dress.

Roddy can also provide some toastmaster services to keep a group moving, posing for group photos, going for dinner etc. A skirl on the pipes and a booming voice will get guests moving in the direction you need them to! (please let us know when booking if there are any special announcements.)

Bagpiper wedding couple glencorse
Wedding Bagpiper

Pipe Major Roderick Deans Bagpiper Wedding Service


To make the day memorable from the start, Roddy will greet guests with a lively set of pipe tunes as they arrive for the wedding ceremony. The bride will be greeted (and nerves settled) before being piped in to the ceremony.

Small Pipes can sometimes be played as ceremony music, or as the register is being signed.

Roddy can play the newly married couple back down the aisle, pipe as guests are leaving, and provide a few tunes while pictures are being taken.


The bride, groom and guests will be piped into the reception venue, where Roddy can be on call for photos. If required Roddy can announce dinner and the top table line up.

The bride and groom can then be piped to the wedding cake, before taking their seats. It is traditional and ceremonious for the bride to present the piper with a dram (to congratulate him on his duties) to which Roddy will respond with a Gaelic toast, before piping himself out.

This is the popular package, but most special requests can be incorporated to customise your special day.  See below for some of the other services Roddy can provide.

If there are foreign visitors to the wedding and Haggis has been arranged as part of the wedding breakfast, Roddy will be happy to recite Robert Burns Address to the Haggis, which can add a sense of theatre to your wedding meal.


By popular demand, Roddy has put together 2 great options for your wedding band.  Our clients were looking for something special and different, along with the reliable office service to coordinate their booking and keep all the entertainment with one company.

The bands

Reel Time Ceilidh Band; 3, 4 or 5 piece ceilidh band performing Funky Rocking ceilidh music, with dance caller.  (can be coupled with IPOD disco)

Scraggly Cats; 5 or 6 piece ceilidh and pop band.  Performing rocking ceilidh music and classic pop for wedding crowds.

There are lots of other things that Roddy can help you with, have a look at The Reel Time Network;

Wedding Bagpiper

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