Frequently asked bagpiper questions

What do you wear?

Usually a number 1 outfit with Glengarry hat.  (this is the traditional outfit, braided tunic, plaid etc that you see in most photos) Roddy also performs in no 2 dress (with waistcoat shirt and tie (and kilt!) or a contemporary Tweed kilt outfit.  You can also speak to Roddy about bagpiper branding (sash, hat brooch, bag cover)  for corporate product events.

How much does it cost?

Depends on how long, what you want and where it is. Usual prices are between £150-£350 in Scotland.  International bagpiper events depend on length of stay, accommodation, flights, transfers, etc.

Are the pipes too loud for inside a church?

No.  Used in the right quantity, for 1 minute processional for bride and bridesmaids, and the same for the recessional. The sound can help mark a sense of occasion.  If you have a small church or venue or lots of babies/kids then the piper can play from the vestry or door which allows a more subtle sound.

When do you arrive?

In plenty of time to scope out the venue, put the pipes together and tune up before the agreed start time to your event. If you have arranged a bus to arrive at a certain time do let us know!

How do I book you for my wedding?

Easy, drop us an enquiry form with the date, venue and what you are looking for. We will get back to you (usually within 24 hours Mon- Fri) with availability and price. Once you reply to us to say  AOK we send you booking form to confirm the fine points of the agreement, you pay a booking fee, and we will see you at your event. We have an office Mon-Fri, where you can speak to one of Roddy’s events team for other any details you need.

Can I come and hear you play?

You can hear Roddy play from the comfort of your armchair.  There are lots of videos in the media gallery and if you type Roddy the Piper into You Tube you will find lots more.  We do not encourage you to attend an event to hear Roddy in person,  you wouldn’t appreciate a stranger turning up to your wedding just to hear the piper!

I would really like to meet you and talk about my wedding?

Roddy would love to talk to you about your wedding.  Unfortunately, with the high number of events and weddings that Roddy performs at, he does not have time to meet all potential brides.  He is happy to speak to you by phone, Skype or email, or you can also talk to Roddy’s excellent office team.

Do you teach?

Roddy has taught in the past.  However with a busy performance schedule both around Scotland and the world he does not feel that he can give consistent lessons to avid learners.  The exception to the rule are bagpipe Masterclasses for tourists and Highland Games incentive experiences.

What does your ceilidh band sound like?

The bagpipes has a good punchy high energy sound.  Couple this with funky piano, a rocking guitar and full kit of drums and you get a sound that is about as close to the edge of lively funky ceilidh as it could get!

What’s your best gig?

All gigs for Roddy are great.  It gives him an opportunity to play his bagpipes, which is his passion, and entertain a group with his take on the future of ceilidh music.

What’s your favourite bagpiping moment?

With so many to choose from it’s difficult.  Probably piping a haggis out of the sea in the Maldives – one of the world’s most remote Burns suppers. …. Or piping on the Great Wall of China… or …

What’s your take on bagpipe music?

Roddy loves to play a lot of pretty intricate jigs and reels.  He also enjoys a good competition 2/4 march, Strathspey and Reel set. Roddy really gets his kicks from playing with his ceilidh band and alongside DJs for more contemporary bagpipe music.

I really like your music, can I buy a CD?

Yes, Roddy has contemporary Scottish bagpipe CDs available to buy, just contact the office.

What kind of thing will you play at my event?

Firstly; whatever you want Roddy to play (if possible on the bagpipes!):  secondly;  Roddy enjoys playing jigs, reels hornpipes and marches all woven in to entertain guests.

Why should I book you?

If you are looking for something more than a standard bagpiper.   You are looking for musical finesse.  If you are looking for a piper who can entertain your guests with more than bagpipe music.  If you are looking for a bagpiper who can help keep a flow to your special event, with commanding presence and booming voice then book Roddy.